Hosted Phone Service In The Cloud

Davis Group Communications  is headed up by Bob Davis, a former NBC Network Television Director in Washington,  DC and Chief of Studio Production for American Forces Network in Frankfurt, Germany.  Bob is also a musician, having organizied dance bands in High School, College, US Air Force and Frankfurt, Germany.

​Bob's Team  includes  Channel Management with years of experience in both land line and Hosted VoIP Services ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ). One of the Partner Suppliers is Jive Communications with 125 Customer Service People located in the US. 

The wholesale shift from traditional telephone systems to feature-rich Hosted VoIP has already begun. Immediate cost savings is the most commonly cited benefit of adopting Hosted VoIP, along with increases in system reliability and worker productivity.

Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony is quickly becoming the standard communications platform for organizations of all sizes.  Your Account could have a few phones or hundreds in multiple locations across the nation. All on your same system. Hosted VoIP deployments require little on-premises equipment --- in most cases , needed equipment is limited to  a high-quality router, Integrated Acess Devices (IADs), and IP Telephones.

Even though analog phones can be used in some cases, IP Telephones are strongly recommended because they enable more features, require less hardware, have HD Quality and are easier to use. IADs are primarily used to allow institutions access to their existing handsets, credit card machines, alarms, fax machines, etc.

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