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Jive Communicatons and Cisco Systems announced a strategic partnership to deliver cloud voice solutions with Cisco's new Multi-platform Phones (MPP).

"Many of our customers and partners have been looking forward to using these new handsets" said Mike Sharp, Chief Product Officer at Jive Commuications."  Cisco is a leader

in the enterprise Unified Communications space and this is going to make a huge difference for many of our partners and customers."

​Jive is the largest privately held pure play Unified Communications as a  Service (UCaaS) provider, with a mature platform, hundreds of thousands  users, and many of the largest hosted VoIP deployments in the world. The Jive Service offering includes voice, contact center, mobile, and video products delivered directly from the Jive Cloud Platform.

"Jive Communications is the first cloud provider in the United States to certify and go to market with Cisco's Multiplatform Phones", said John Lamarque, Director of Product Management-Unified Communications  Technology Group at Cisco Systems. "We are excited about the future of this partnership."

These partnerships are generally responsible for spawning new innovation solutions, and pushing Cloud Communication adoption in new ways.

As it turns out, it looks like Jive and Cisco are about to do just that. Following their initial partnering back in 2014, Cisco and Jive Communications just went ahead and announced the latest update in this saga. The Cloud Communications provider, and Systems giant that is Cisco, are teaming up to form a new Unified Communications Partnership.

To sum it up quickly, this partnership in the end will enable simple, seamless adoption of the existing Jive Cloud Voice and UC through new Cisco Multi-platform Phones. 


So, in order to unpack the announcement, we need to understand exactly what this new partnership will bring. But,

more importantly, to put everything in context, we'll take a look at just how this recent development will benefit existing users, and how it might encourage new users to jump on board with Jive's platform. 

 As Jive explains, thanks to this partnership, they are now the first USaaS provider in North America to bring this support to the table. So essentially, the latest news here is that Cisco's newest multi-platform phones now support Jive's communication platform.

"Jive Communications is the first cloud provider in the United States to certify and go to market with Cisco's Multiplatform Phones," said John Lamarque, Director of Product Management - Unified Communications Technology Group at Cisco Systems. " We're excited about the future of this partnership."

So​, the main focus point here is that now Cisco phones can be used with Jive, which opens up service to an entirely new user base. Or, alternatively, will allow existing users to swap out otherwise budget phones for high quality Cisco Phones.


This anouncement wasn't srrounding any new phones introduced by either provider. But Cisco is always updating their products, and 8800 series include some of Cisco's most high-tech phones. While the 7800 series might be more on the basic side, they're still incredibly capable desk phones, and certainly not on the budget end.


Integrations, the APIs that power them, and why integrations play such a crucial roll in both solutions and business strategies. So with a rise in integration and connecting solutions, opening up new revenue streams, and new methods of communication, it only makes sense that we can integrate say, our desk phones to our smart phones.

With BYoD becoming such a major trend for just about every business of every size,and mobility as a key aspect of what makes Unified Communications so powerful,further connectivity is only a good thing. If you can integrate your desk and smart phone, then you can receive the same texts, calls, voicemails, conferences and trasfers anywhere you go. More interestingly, you can seamlessly transition calls from one phone to another. Think of this integration as the "call me anywhere" feature, but on steroids! So what does this mean for Jive Customers? Well. you now have even more choices if you are an existing user, which means the state of the art multiplatform phones. If you are not an existing Jive client, then well, this might just be more reason to switch over.                    

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